With a quarter of all young people in Europe unemployed and 60-70% worried about their prospects, the future is looking uncertain for the next generation.

By encouraging young people to start small, Telefonica believe entrepreneurialism and digital innovation can play a part in contributing to positive change in the region.

Think Big is now live across six countries in Europe. Our programmes inspire people whose success is the key to a more prosperous future for us, and for Europe.

Getting 13 to 25 year olds thinking like entrepreneurs; we give them the support they need to take the initiative, be self-reliant and learn the skills they need to stand out in today's economy.

help deliver the Think Big Youth programme, with heavy involvement from Telefonica's own people, and the Telefonica Foundation.

It's a programme where 11 to 18 year olds can learn valuable work skills and start to make their ideas come alive using digital technology.

of young adults believe technology has made it easier to get a job.

Telefonica Global Millennial Survey

We believe in young people. We need to back them, celebrate their talent and give them hope.